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Top 3 fears of Ritambhara Sahni in Life

Ritambhara Sahni Belly Dance Institute Mumbai
Ritambhara Sahni

Ritambhara Sahni - My top 3 fears that i have in life

Yes , i fear. I do get scared many times. I actually fear of situations unknown that could get me to the following state :

 My 1st biggest Fear

 I Fear to fear : 
If you have done nothing wrong and you are true in your heart , then why fear ??  Thats what has been inbuilt within me since years and all thanks to my Father - my hero. I used to be bullied in school and always felt there must be something wrong with me and thats why i go through this but a day came when my father asked me in several ways if i did something wrong and i dint. I would never want to be brainwashed to feel i am wrong when i am right. We meet several people daily and we can attract various kinds of energy - we never know if its good or bad.I still stand by the fact that if i have done nothing wrong , i will stand up for myself. 'Even if the whole world stands against you and, if you are right - believe in yourself and face everything - Never Give Up'. There are many times when i feel bad and upset at various kinds of situations, i cry it out [ that helps me ] but I do end up fearless with all the teachings of my father which i shall share below at the end of this article.

 My 2nd biggest Fear 

 I fear to be a coward : I have battled many situations in my life. I lost my mom at a very young age and looked after my father for years who was very ill. I lived in the hospital with my father for 10 long years and managed to run my institute - Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni. i wanted my father to live and so i worked each day towards my work and my father. My father always told me - 'Come what may - Never Give Up' and i follow that. Each day that i wake up today there is too much on me after my father but i just tell myself -' Ritambhara - you have two hands and two legs - you have the can do it. ' and that keeps me going and i make a new dream come true  and i make a problem go away daily. Yes, i NEVER want to say ....' I give up'.

Ritambhara Sahni Belly Dance Classes in Mumbai
Me - Ritambhara Sahni with my students at my very 1st belly dance class in Mumbai - Colaba Center - Year 2004
i then established Belly Dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni in 2005

 My 3rd biggest Fear 

 Insecurity - I have always been happy with whatever i have had. God gave me this magical talent to dance, and when i was given the freedom to dance and express by my family , i thought i had the world. Whenever i dance - i have nothing to fear, nothing to feel insecure. Dance is me and i am Dance is what i felt ever since i danced. However , one day i asked  myself --- 'Ritambhara - what if you dint dance ever ??? As in you dint know about dance....then what ??? How would you feel what you feel ? --this fearless and this secure ? How ???. Well i'm glad i thought about this and i spoke to my father once again. My father said to me - 'If you believe in yourself - you will never be insecure' . Wow so impacted me always and till today. The day i stop believing in myself is the day i will be insecure. I never want to stop my belief as belief in me has made me achieve everything that i want...Today is the best time of my life and as i look back , i love most of my choices and achievements. I shall continue my belief in me and there is a lot to do and explore in this life.

My father had his own finishing school and he has also worked with leading finishing schools such as Trade Wings , Oysters etc... where he taught subjects like Public Speaking, Personality Development, Salemanship, Marketing, Communication Skills, The art of Listening, and many more life changing topics. All thanks to my father i started to teach Grooming to Men and Women and worked with him at his lectures at various finishing schools. I took table manners and Poise and Posture workshops with my father Mr Suresh Sahni for a few years.This also led me to start my own finishing school by the name - Ritambhara Sahni's institute for Self - Esteem. and of course i would also run my dance institute along side - Ritambhara Sahni's Institute For The Performing Arts.I was also always proud to be listed in the newspapers with the leading finishing schools back then and even now of Anuradha Patel, Aruna Mookhey [Former Miss World 1999- Yukta Mookhey's mother], and Cory Walia. Here is an article about me in the Chitralekha Magazine about my finishing school and me teaching a few students Table Manners and Poise and Posture.

The reason i talk about my fathers Finishing School is because i sat through all his lectures and the 1st topic taught at his school in Public Speaking was- ' How To Overcome Fear'. I guess just sitting there and listening to my father speak made me learn how to overcome fear .Well, there is just one way to overcome your fear --- that is to go towards it.

Ritambhara Sahni belly dance institute Mumbai
Ritambhara Sahni at her finishing school in 1997 namely Ritambhara Sahni institute for Self Esteem
Ritambhara Sahni article in Chitralekha Magazine

My biggest lessons in life have been my failures and mistakes, i fail many times in big and small ways even today but i have always embraced my failures, gone somewhere and cried but grown a thousand fold from them.

I love to acknowledge when i go wrong , because in turn this is what helps me to rise up. 

I want to work till i live my last breath , want to keep failing and growing in Life coz failure has been my best teacher. Making mistakes have been my greatest lessons of life. Loved whats gone by and excited to explore that side ahead. Life is a sweet struggle and THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

Ritambhara Sahni blog
Ritambhara Sahni - ' Never Give up' - The Show Must Go On

Love you Papa....I know you there with me always. you were my strength, you are my strength and will always be my strength. 

Ritambhara Sahni Belly Dance Institute Mumbai
Ritambhara Sahni - My father
Papa - The world may say you are not there but you are there , you are there , you are there !!!!

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  1. Ritambhara Sahni mam - u are exactly what this article is about you and this is so real. i cried reading it and it totally inspires me. Ritambhara Mam - you are an inspiration to all of us and i am so so proud to be your student. i want to tell the world that I have been dancing at your institute - Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambara Sahni. Your belly dance class in Mumbai feels like a home away from home. Whats really great about your belly dance classes in Mumbai is that you get to practice at all their centers - colaba, bandra, khar and andheri. Had heard great reviews and testimonials of friends about your belly dance class in Mumbai before i joint. I had also read a review which was a real life changing review and i was amazed about you - Ritambhara Sahni as a teacher and believe me you are the best belly dance teacher in Mumbai for so many reasons which i am going to state here in my testimonial. The atmosphere right when you walk in the building is so uplifting; it’s a non-judgment zone and a place of encouragement and learning at Ritambhara Sahni's institute.When I first started belly dancing, I dreamed of wearing the beautiful belly dance belts and costumes, but when I hit puberty I realized I was not built as a belly dancer. Today i own so many belly dancing belts and i just love belly dancing in a belly dancing belt. I must say here that a belly dance belt is something that completes belly dancing for me. Ritambhara Sahni belly dance classes in Mumbai provided me with other options in addition to oriental belly dance , offering a variety of styles of belly dance. It was here where I fell in love with the tribal style of belly dance when u introduced it to me Ritambhara mam. Tribal belly dance opened my eyes to a new way of exploring my body through movement and dance, and I realized I didn’t need to have the perfect body to be a great dancer. If everyone was the same, the dance world would not be as unique or as inspirational as it is. 'You are not in competition with anyone but yourself, that competition is to be better than you were the day before' - you always said to me and which is just one of the many life lessons I learned here. I developed confidence and selflessness at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai. The wonderful training, performance opportunities and support I received from the instructor team and fellow students at Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance institute Mumbai helped me to grow as a belly dancer and develop a great work ethic. While training with u at your institute, I was accepted into several summer dance intensives at my school. As a senior in high school, the training I received and the way my confidence grew belly dancing here prepared me for collage auditions; because of this, I was offered several college dance scholarships. I am who i am today because of you Ritambhara Sahni mam and i love you so much. You are my best teacher in the whole world.

  2. You are not only a survivor but an acheiver and am inspiration to others.evrybody has fears and doubts but few work on them to overcome them .your article showcases your strength and your positive approach to lifes chalenges and makes me feel proud to have you as a friend.i wish you the very best in life.lots of love gulam m gaziani

    1. Thank you so much Gulam...really happy and proud myself to have you as my friend too. :) Feels good each time i must say when people read my work and appreciate it but when a friend takes some time to write his/ her comment i feel the warmth and its a feeling to experience and cherish. Thank you so so much and im have to have friends like you in my life who inspire me in so many ways and give me their positive energy and strength.